The greatest question of life is what good will I do with it? - Benjamin Franklin

2009 Seminars

Thursday, July 16—Spend a Day with Michelle Baldwin

Burlesque and the History of the Bump and Grind

Michelle Baldwin, author and burlesque dancer, will treat us to an inspired presentation that makes a good case for bringing burlesque back into the pop culture. Learn about burlesque's heyday of the 1920s and 1930s, how it was unbelievably elegant, about dancers Tempest Storm, Evangeline the Oyster Girl, among others, and the history of the dance from the 1800s in Boston's Old Howard to the burlesque resurgence of today. And if we're lucky, Michelle may be assisted by preeminent burlesque dancer, Vivianne VaVoom.

Thursday, August 20—Spend a Day with Boyd and Barbara Norton

Conservation Photography

Barbara and Boyd Norton have been leading photography safaris to Africa, South America, Siberia, Bali and Borneo for the past several years. Boyd is a world-class photographer with his images published in many books and most major magazines, Time, National Geographic, and Smithsonian to name a few. Boyd has been photographing and working to save wilderness worldwide for more than 43 years. He is the author and/or photographer of fourteen books.

Thursday, September 17—Spend a Day with Dick Kreck

Denver History, True Stories of Scandal, Mystery, and Shenanigans

Dick Kreck—a gifted storyteller of true events will entertain and enlighten us with interesting tales of Denver. Dick retired from The Denver Post after 38 years as a columnist and had previously worked at The San Francisco Examiner and the Los Angeles Times. He is the author of five books, the 22-week bestseller Murder at the Brown Palace, Anton Woode: The Boy Murderer, Colorado's Scenic Railroads, Denver in Flames, and his most recent title Smaldone: The Untold Story of an American Crime Family.

Thursday, October 15—Spend a Day with Teri O'Neill Keller

Creativity, How to Awaken it, How to Make it Work for You

Teri O'Neill Keller is a creativity expert having taught about the subject for more than 30 years and has spoken at creativity conferences internationally. Not only can she lead you to that "aha!" moment, she knows the science behind creativity and what elements are conducive to getting us in the creative mode and making our brains operate in a sharper manner.

Thursday, December 3—Wilderness Around the World

This meeting will discuss results of the 9th World Wilderness Congress held a few weeks prior in Mexico and the WILD Europe Conference held in Prague. Wilderness is under threat in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas, and other places. Hear from 5 speakers on what is being done around the world in the preservation of wilderness and the species with which we share this planet.