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2014 Seminars

The 3rd Third will present the following seminars for 2014. Seminars will normally be held in Golden, Colorado, although at times they will be held in other parts of Colorado.

Coffee will be available at 9:45 am and all seminars will be from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Free beverages and lunch will be provided. Those with dietary restrictions are asked to bring their own lunch.

Thursday, January 16
Bob Baron and Patty Maher
The Need for Wilderness

Highlights from WILD10 and what to expect
with Wilderness 50

Wilderness, some would say, is essential to every human being and
is highly personal. It can be that quiet place in your backyard, the
magnificent Brooks Range in Alaska, the breathtaking Okavango
Delta in Botswana, or that solitary weed, victoriously popping its
head out through acres of concrete. Wilderness lifts our hearts, it gives us strength and solace. It brings healing. Come see and hear what others are doing to ensure that wilderness is here for our children and our children’s children. Last October at WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain, more than 1,200 delegates from 65 countries (with another 25,000 from 85 countries following online) gathered to connect, debate, and forge partnerships focused on saving wilderness around the world. Hear what took place from those who attended the 10th World Wilderness Congress. This year we will celebrate another wilderness milestone: the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Signed into law on September 3, 1964 by President Johnson, it ensured there would be protection of wild places in the US, where its citizens and visitors could experience the land as it was before settlement. We’ll explore the history of the Wilderness Act. Who was behind this very important piece of legislation and why? What are the plans for celebrating the 50th Anniversary nationwide? Join us and hear from conservationists involved around the world. Their passion is contageous!

Thursday, February 20
Rose Keating
Doing things that matter

Reaching out to help others

In 1999 Rose Keating, a computer programer, was vexed. Wanting
to recycle an old computer she found very few options available to
pass on working, but dated computers. Worse yet, the old computer
most likely would be broken down into pieces — some of the materials would be recycled, but the rest would be dumped into a landfill. Why were there no organizations that took old computers and fixed them up for kids and others in need? This question eventually led Rose to start her foundation Denver Tech For All, an organization that does just that. And since then, her foundation has given away (or adopted out) more than 5,000 refurbished computers to children and families all over Colorado. And has done so with an all volunteer staff! Denver Tech For All also provides labs and classes so the new owners are able to use their computer right from the start. Have you ever felt passionate about something that spurs you to action? Then join us to hear the story behind Denver Tech For All from someone who’s passion is the driving force behind such a decision.

ROSE KEATING’s background includes many positions that serve her well at the foundation such as waitress, sales clerk, bartender, pharmaceutical rep., business owner, and college professor, to her current position as a contract computer programer and software guru (when she isn’t at her foundation). Rose is a 2007 recipient of the Minoru Yasui Award, and is a Channel 7 Everyday Hero. She was recently awarded the 2014 Pastor Jim Chandler Community Recognition Award that is presented to an individual, group or an organization that sees a need in the community and act on it creating, promoting, or financing the implication of the need in the character of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Thursday, March 20
Optimist or Pessimist?

A Salon for Neighbors and Friends

Turn on the evening news and there's 22 minutes of bad news with 8
minutes of commercials on drugs (which have ten or so side effects) and from lawyers who will represent you because something bad has happened to you and someone has to pay. There are problems all over the world from North Africa to Greece to the Middle East to Asia. Washington is not only in gridlock but seems willing to default on the country’s debt for various personal reasons. Is government broken? Has civility and compromise disappeared? Have the extremists from both the right and from the left taken over their parties, leaving the 80% in the middle unrepresented? Chicken Little, the sky is falling! Or is it? Are things going downhill or is it because the media is in the bad news business and has eight-crisis de jour. Come to this meeting where we will get a different look at your world, and the world nearby, nationally and internationally. We will have a free ranging discussion led by you. Part of it will be how Colorado has managed to work problems out effectively with a minimum of rancor. Part of it will be to discuss how to view the cup as 90% full and not 10% empty. We need a sense of proportion and a sense of humor to get us through the doomsayer’s world. As Edward Abbey wrote: “Life is too short for grief. Or regret or bullshit.”



Thursday, April 17
Josiah Hatch
The Privacy of Commerce

The loss of Money's anonymity

What has happened to the privacy of money? Is there no longer a way to make a purchase without personal data being collected? Josiah Hatch, an expert on securities law, international law, and finance, will lead us through a fascinating labyrinth of the loss of anonymity in commerce. What does it mean from a commercial or governmental point of view? He’ll discuss the value and why our personal data is collected at the point-of-sale, the counter intuitive effect of protective measures such as “clustering” when using Paypal or a shopping cart for on-line purchases – it may diminish the risk of a single order, but it may also increase the value of that data, and the likelihood of cyber theft. He’ll explore the consequences of attempting to enforce “use tax” on the internet, the importance and limits of the Fourth Amendment (that prohibits unreasonable search and seizure), and the erosion of the same. Plus we’ll see how the war on terrorism, the effects of crime, and the advent of cyber warfare has had on commerce. Josiah will also discuss the link between wealth and privacy, the phenomenon of tax havens and the impact of income disparity. If time is money, then this will be time well spent. Please join us.

JOSIAH HATCH is an attorney specializing in international law, securities law, and finance. This witty prolific writer and frequent lecturer, has presented papers at the S.E.C. and Colorado Bar Association’s Annual Rocky Mountain Securities Conference. He also teaches graduate courses in aspects of international economics, politics, and business at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. He is a Trustee of the Social Science Foundation which promotes the curriculum of the Korbel School.



Thursday, May 15
Joe Masi
Conservatism and Liberalism in America

Origin and Evolution from FDR to Obama

Wanting to better understand today’s polarization between the two
philosphies, Joe has done extensive research. Shortly after retiring
in 2010 he decided to prepare and facilitate an 8 week course about
Conservatism and Liberalism in America. Over the past three years, he has facilitated the course multiple times to Osher Life Long Learning Institute audiences. For the 3rd Third seminar he will present the following two sessions from that course:
Setting the Stage starts with the Age-of-Reason’s origination of Conservatism and Liberalism philosophies; it continues with the adaptation of the philosophies to America by the Founding Fathers; and ends with a description of the American environment at the time of the Constitutional Convention.
From FDR to Obama describes the influences of the Philosophies on each president starting with Roosevelt and ending with Obama. It also addresses the Birth of Modern Conservatism as defined by Irving Kristol and Bill Buckley, implemented by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, and further shaped by the Teavangelical movement of the 21st century. The session ends with statistics that quantify how the economy performed during the presidential administrations and a summary of where the philosophies stand today.

JOE MASI graduated with honors in Economics from Princeton University, served in the US Navy during the Korean War, and took several graduate level courses including Economics at the University of Chicago. He had an extensive business career in manufacturing (Fortune 500 companies), professional services (Deloitte), and healthcare (Denver Health). At different periods in his life, he has been, with conviction, a conservative and a liberal. He has done extensive research to better understand the present day polarization of the two philosophies and its threat to the achievement of the good life by current and future generations.


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