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The greatest question of life is what good will I do with it? - Benjamin Franklin

2010 Seminars

The 3rd Third will present the following seminars for 2010. Seminars will normally be held in Golden, Colorado, although at times they will be held in other parts of Colorado.

Coffee will be available at 9:45 am and all seminars will be from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Free coffee and lunch will be provided. Those with dietary restrictions are asked to bring their own lunch.

Thursday, January 21—Spend a Day with
Chuck Thompson

Saving Troubled Youth by Enhancing Resilience

Resilience is the human capacity to face, adapt and even be transformed by adversity. Chuck Thompson, president of CBR Youth Connect (Colorado Boys Ranch Foundation), will help us explore the nature of resilience, highlighted by many case studies. He'll also give fascinating examples of the wonders of the bond that exists between animals and humans as well as the connections between childhood and aging and how these same dynamics are used to help the social and emotional development of today's youth. You won't want to miss this.

Thursday, February 18—Spend a Day with
General Phil Caine

World War II—Battle in the Skies

Probably the most glamorized but least understood aspect of World War II on the Western Front is the air war. Yet it was arguably the most dangerous and harrowing duty in that conflict. Beginning with the German and British experience, including that of the several thousand Americans who flew for the Royal Air Force before Pearl Harbor, and progressing through recruitment and training, the reality of combat flying, evading capture if shot down, the prisoner of war experience endured by so many, and personal stories of those brave young men who flew the tens of thousands of missions over Western Europe. General Phil Caine, (author of many books about World War II), will certainly give each attendee a new appreciation for this huge conflict.

Thursday, March 18—Spend a Day with
Boyd Norton

Our National Parks—What Ken Burns Didn't Tell You

Noted conservation photographer Boyd Norton has visited and photographed a number of our National Parks. He will be sharing some of his stunning images with us while talking about some of these national treasures and how they were established. He'll also tell us about some of the problems that have developed since their designation.

Thursday, April 15—Spend a Day with
Dr. Bruce Paton

Living Longer and Better, Medicine in the Last 50 Years

The saying is we all want to live a long time, but none of us want to get old! How can we keep healthy as we age? We are bombarded with books on diet, exercise, positive thinking, yoga, pilates and a million other ways to stave off the inevitable. Bruce Paton, a retired cardiac surgeon, who worked both at the University of Colorado and in private practice will review what we know and poke holes in some things that we think we know. How much exercise? What is the ideal weight? Should we really eat that broccoli? What about over-the-counter supplements like Ginko and St. John's Wort? How difficult is it to prove that a medication really works? Sir William Osler said that if all the medications in the world were thrown into the sea, only the fishes would suffer. The public now spends more on alternative medicine than orthodox medicine. Is the public right, or are we being bamboozled? Come and learn some answers—then think for yourself!

Thursday, May 20—Spend a Day with
Suzanne Braden

This Problem Really is Black and White:
Current Status of the Endangered Giant Panda

Suzanne Braden, director of Pandas International, will discuss efforts being made to save the beloved Pandas from extinction, the effects of the catastrophic 2008 earthquake on those efforts, her recent trips to China, advances in captive breeding and reintroduction programs, and what lies ahead for a species that numbers only about 1,600 in the wild. Endangered means we have time—Extinction is Forever

Thursday, June 17—Spend a Day with
Bob Baron

The First Fifty Years of Space Exploration

For millennia, we have looked at the moon, the planets and the stars and dreamed. In 1957, Sputnik was launched and within a dozen years we had sent men to the moon and they had been brought home safely. Since then we have started to explore our solar system and the universe. Come spend a day learning about what we have done in the first half-century, what questions have been answered and what new ones have been raised. This is a trip back in time and forward to the next centuries. Bob Baron was program manager for the Mariner II (Venus) and the Mariner IV (Mars) on-board space computers. His company developed communication systems for communicating with spacecraft and simulators to train astronauts. He founded the Fortune 500 company Prime Computer in 1971 and Fulcrum Publishing in 1985.

Note Special Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Thursday, July 15—Spend a Day with
Adam Schrager

Principled Politics—An Oxymoron?

Adam Schrager, author of The Principled Politician and 9 News reporter, will talk about politics from the time of World War II through present day. Schrager will feature former Colorado Gov. Ralph Carr who was being considered as a presidential candidate until he defended the Constitutional rights of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor. Why are leaders like Carr ignored? Forgotten? Could someone like that succeed today? We'll explore how modern-day campaigns are run and how contemporary Colorado politics are serving as an example for the rest of the nation.

Thursday, September 16—Spend a Day with
Rose Keating and Daina Kalnins

From Frustration to Freedom, Take Control of your Computer

Rose Keating and Daina Kalnins will show you simple solutions to the things that drive you crazy when working on your computer. Be it searching the web or working in a program. You will learn numerous shortcuts to sanity. The class will be tailored to the needs and frustrations of the attendees. So if you're a computer whiz or a computer wimp, you will find this seminar very satisfying. Rose and Daina have been teaching computer skills at the Denver Public Library for the past 14 years. They are unlikely to be stumped by your questions.

Thursday, October 14—Spend a Day with
Bob Baron

American Humor

Come join us for a day of American humor. We will discuss what humor is and what it is not, why it is always important, especially now when everyone is shouting and no one is listening. We will travel down the roads of stage, vaudeville, lectures and theater, radio and television, newspapers, magazines, books and letters, Hollywood, New York, Chicago and Indiana.

Thursday, November 18—Spend a Day with
Shane Smith

Ruthless Gardening—Tough Love Makes the Garden Grow

Don't baby that begonia or pamper the petunias, do you want all of your plants to grow up to become panzies? Come learn the answers of how to take charge of your garden without it taking charge of you. Shane Smith, author of Greenhouse Gardener's Companion and Director of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens will give you the "Tough Love Pep Talk".

Thursday, January 20, 2011—Spend a Day with
Steve Friesen

Buffalo Bill: Scout, Showman, Visionary

History and Wild West lovers will enjoy this seminar as Steve Friesen, the director of the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, and author of the book Buffalo Bill: Scout, Showman, Visionary, will talk about one of America's most loved and exciting historical figures. Steve will take us through the interesting adventures of Cody's life: as a boy from a pro-abolitionist family, to his stint as a buffalo hunter for the pony express, his expertise as a scout, a marksman and unrivaled showman. Come spend the day with us and travel back to the glorious times of the Wild West.

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